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    This series machine is designed  for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.; it is the first choice of hairdressing plant and its best feature is that: homogenizer is installed below to increase power which is very effective to high viscosity material. Main boiler cover can raise and fall freely and be cleaned out . It can pour material obliquely and ensure pouring material furthest and reduce waste which is first choice of medium and small companies and suitable to products with big production cubage.


    1) blending oar which is with complex scraping board is suitable to every kind of complicated formula and achieve optimizing effect.

    2) PTFE scraping board cater to the body of blending groove and scrape out viscosity material on boiler wall.

    3) Homogenizer is installed on the bottom of boiler to increase motor power more thoroughly and strongly. When the quantity of material is less, it can exert homogenizing effect fully.

    4) Mightiness balance isotactic curve rotor is matched with stator to realize liquid high-capability cut, rubbing, centrifugal to make sure exquisite and slick cream. Boiler body and pipe surface mirror polish to 300EMSH (sanitation grade) according to Daily Chemical and GMP standard.

    5) Customer can choose frequency conversion timing homogenizer and highest rotate speed is 4500 r/min.
    Features: stable, compact, good quality, low price
    Suitable: cream, paste, ointment, lotion, gel, conditioner, milk, sauce, etc
    Model: HMD
    Capacity: 10~5000L
    Vacuum: -0.095Mpa
    Fineness: 2µm
    Contact part: SS304/316L (three jackets, contact material parts adopt SS316L, the other two layers adopt SS304-2B)
    Homogenizer speed: 0~3000/3500rpm
    Scraper speed: 0~80rpm
    Lifting: hydraulic lifting system
    Heating: by steam/electrically
    Operation: automatically (PLC)/manually
    Class: GMP (optional)
    Certification: CE (optional)

    Model Main mixer Oil & water pre-mixers Dimensions Total power
      L L L×W×H (mm) KW
    HMD-VE-10L 10 5/8 1700×1200×1250 1.1/5
    HMD-VE-20L 20 16/10 1850×1400×1350 1.5/5
    HMD-VE-50L 50 25/40 2100×2000×2100 4.5/16.5
    HMD-VE-100L 100 50/40 2600×2100×2200 6/27
    HMD-VE-200L 200 100/160 2600×2500×2300 8/32
    HMD-VE-300L 300 250/150 2800×2700×2700 10/37
    HMD-VE-500L 500 420/250 2900×2800×2750 16/52