• Dispersing & homogenizer
  • hanging movable homogenizer
  • Hanging movable homogenizer


    This machine is used in homogenizing, dispersing and latex manufacture for medium and low viscosity emulsifying liquid ,which is suitable to most of formula  requirement. Special rotor and stator generate strong shearing, rubbing strike and convection to make oil water emulsifying grain reach stable condition1-2um).


    We choose good quality electrical components

    AIRTAC Pneumatic components

    Bearing heavy weight wheel

    Executive component

    CAD drawing

    Many designed blades are avaliable

     Safety operation :

    1) the  mechanical length dimension of this machine is standard length, it can also be custom made

    2) The best position of mechanical length is emulsifying groove and 60% effective liquid surface is the best way.

    3) Aquatic bearing of emulsifying machine adopts self-lubricated bearing and it is forbidden to start machine when liquid is lower than aquatic bearing to avoid damage of bearing.