• Filling machine series
  • Vertical filling machine with heater&mixer
  • Vertical filling machine with heater&mixer

    • This type filling machine is good for filling high viscosity products which is hard to be self flow like Vaseline/petroleum jelly.​
    • the hopper and filling systerm are with hot water circulation to keep the product warm
    • the special design of the support for the mixing motor,which is easy to take off the mixing motor on the hopper,thus the hopper can be clean 100%
    • the machine is made from SUS304
    Technical parameter
    Model Filling volume Air consumption filling speed air source
    VHF-5 5-60ml 19L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-10 10-120ml 15L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-25 25-250ml 30L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-50 50-500ml 45L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-100 100-1000ml 120L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-250 250-2500ml 250L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg
    VHF-500 500-5000ml 428L/min 0-30bot/min 6kg